Live Production.

You have something to say. Your passion, your story, your message.

The moment is yours, where emotion meets inspiration, where artist and audience are connected.

This moment needs to be delivered with impact, precision, and absolute clarity to everyone in attendance. 

Constructing that moment requires a singular focus; a precision only an expert can bring to their craft.  

Our craft is live production.  We’ve been honing it for over three decades, and we offer it to you. 

Say what you have to say. Tell your story.  Create your moment.

We’ll be there to ensure you'll be heard.

Audio Systems

FM Systems invests exclusively in the world’s most respected brands in professional audio.

Ballroom or stadium, FM Systems’ inventory will deliver your content at any scale.


FM Systems carries the latest models from the most sought-after brands in audio.  

Our desks are kept in top-notch condition and run the latest firmware.

Wireless Systems

We carry select models from a range of manufacturers to fit various applications and price points.

Mobile Staging

FM Systems’ fleet of Stageline outdoor stages are designed and deployed with safety before all else.

Security. Reliability. Confidence.

Be Heard

The world clamours for clarity.  In our business, that can only be achieved with the right combination of equipment and experience.  We’ve lived live audio and production for three decades.  It’s what we do.  
So you can say what you need to say… and sound exceptional.

Behind Every Musician
FourForty Backline is FM Systems’ brand for Musician Services. As Canada’s largest backline provider, we have what you need to tell your story.

  • Drums, Cymbals & Percussion
  • Guitar amps, Bass rigs & Guitars
  • Keyboards
  • DJ Equipment
  • Accessories

Our partners & suppliers


FM Systems Updates

We have a long history. Here are some recent additions to our story that we’d like you to hear.