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  Session 500     250 watt combo
15” Black Widow loudspeaker
Ruggedly constructed enclosure
DDT@ compression circuitry
Wide range active tone circuitry
250 watts RMS on a 4 ohm load
Preamp send/return and power amp input
Unbalanced and balanced line outs
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--------------------- Description ---------------------
The Peavey Session 500 is desirable to steel, jazz, country and even rock guitarists who want almost infinite sustain effects with tremendous tonal control, power output capability, and dynamic range. It features a unique "state variable" midrange equalizer that enables both boost and cut, as well as shifting the center point of the midrange equalizer. The Session 500 also includes a variable electronic crossover into the processing circuitry to allow bi-amping the system through auxiliary power amps/speaker systems.
--------------------- Specifications ---------------------
Output:         250 Watts RMS into 4 ohm
Channels:         Single
Effects:         Reverb, String Effect, Phase, Presence
Equalization:         3 band parametric with Shift control
Inputs:         Two 1/4" Inputs, Power Amp In
Outputs:         Effects loop, Headphone, High/Low Crossover, Preamp Out,
    Line Out (1/4" & XLR), Preamp, Footswitch, Speaker Out
Speaker:         15" Black Widow (1501-4dt)
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