Model: VENUE S6L-24C*

Faders: 3 banks of 8 individually assignable faders + 2

Analog Inputs: 8 XLR/line (w/48v), 2 x 1/4" footswitch Analog Outputs: 8 XLR, 2 x 1/4" TRS headphone (independent)

Digital Inputs: 4 pairs of XLR stereo AES/EBU, MIDI Digital Outputs: 4 pairs of XLR stereo AES/EBU, MIDI

Max number of Inputs: 64 per stage rack (up to 192 total) + surface inputs Max number of Outputs: 32 per stage rack (up to 96 total) + surface outputs

Word clock I/O: 2 x coax (clock not included) GPIO: 8 IN/OUT

Knob Modules: 1 bank of 32 knobs, each with high-resolution OLEDs and tri-color function indicator

Mix Buses: 96 + LCR

USB: Yes (5) (keyboard and trackball mouse included)

ECx ethernet: YES (control)

Touchscreens: 1 onboard, 1 external

DVI: Yes (to included external touchscreen monitor)

Laptop mount included

Net Weight: 38 kg (34 lbs)

*Console can be used standalone (limited to onboard I/O) or with the VENUE S6L engine/stage rack system

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